Shapers, Makers, Builders and Breakers

So why the name Shapers, Makers, Builders and Breakers? I was searching for a name for- and classification that would cover all the different characteristics of people and topics that I felt are relevant and necessary to discuss in my new podcast. I toyed with the idea to call the podcast “Shapers”, but it seemed very narrow in its scope, so I Googled it, and I came across an article by Sonja Sadovsky entitled “Shapers, Makers, Builders and Breakers.” It was perfect!

Her article and description were in a religious context, but it was perfect as a podcast title! It gave me a simple classification that was broad enough to describe most (if not all) the individuals that significantly “move the needle” in our world.

Portrait photo Sailor Malan Riël podcast

Episode #38:

Sailor Malan

Forgotten South African WWII and anti-Apartheid hero with a message for today.



  1. Sailor Malan
  2. Yvonne Malan, historian:

Discussion Points:

  1. Sailor Malan’s Ten Rules For Air Fighting
  2. Royal Air Force
  3. Torch Commando
  4. Private secretary to Harry Oppenheimer
  5. BOOK: Sailor Malan: A biography by Oliver Walker
  6. VIDEO: Winston Churchill attending Jonathan Malan’s christening


Episode #37:
William (Bill) Duggan
Professor of Strategy and Innovation: Columbia Business School in New York

Episode #36:
Joshua Ngoma
Founder and Chief Enabler Enterprising Africa Regional Network (EARN), Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Teacher

Episode #35:
Sarah Arnot Mulhern
Leadership Expert, Coach, Author & Polymath

Episode #34:
Ronen Aires
Guide, Entrepreneur,  Psychedelic Boundary Breaker

Ian Fuhr podcast with Riël Malan

Episode #33:
Ian Fuhr
CEO: Maverick entrepreneur, Founder: Sorbet, brand builder and social boundary breaker

Riël Malan podcast richard fernandes

Episode #32:
Richard (Kiki) Fernandes
CEO: Marginpar, Floriculture, Ke, Et & NL High-impact, People-centred Leader

Episode #31:
Styli Charalambous
CEO & Publisher of The Daily Maverick, Merchant of Truth, Co-leader of Troublemakers

Episode #30 – (Part 2)
Professor Kelly Chibale
Making African research capacity globally competitive

Episode #30 – (Part 1)
Professor Kelly Chibale
Escaping Poverty Through Education

Episode #29
Andy du Plessis
Social Entrepreneur, Merchant of Hope & CEO: FoodForward

Episode #28
Louise van Rhyn
Social Entrepreneur, Passionate Education Activist & Complexity Theory Expert

Episode #27
Matt Brown
Podcast Host & Author of “Your Inner Game”

Episode #26:
Kirsty Chadwick
Teacher, Passionate Digital Shaper & African EdTech Entrepreneur

Episode #25
Anthony Farr
Allan Gray’s Philanthropic Legacy – A conversation with Anthony Farr

Episode #24:
Vusi Thembekwayo
International Speaker, Entrepreneur, Opinion Shaper & Breaker

Episode #23:
Gil Oved (Re-release)
Entrepreneur, Technology Investor & Shark at Sharktank.

Episode #22
Taps Mugadza
International Recording Artist, Zimbabwean Orphan & Phylanthropist.

Episode #21:
Themba Baloyi
Entrepreneur, Visionary & Founder: Discovery Insure (re-release)

Episode #20:
Julia Raphaely
Media Transformer, Digital Shaper & CEO: Associated Media Publishing

Episode #19:
Keet van Zyl
Venture Capitalist, Digital Shaper & Co-Founder: Knife Capital

Episode #18:
Gareth Ackerman
Retail Shaper, Philosopher & Chairman: Pick ‘n Pay

Episode #17:
Musa Kalenga
Digital Shaper, Author, Speaker, CEO & Co-Founder: Bridge Labs, Chief Future Officer: The Brave Group.

Episode #16:
Nyimpini Mabunda
Multinational Executive, Entrepreneur & Founder: Saseka Digitech

Episode #15:
Dr Michael Mol
Physician, Media Personality, Master Public Speaker, Tech Entrepreneur & CEO: Hello Doctor

Episode #14:
Allon Raiz
Business Incubator, Entrepreneurship Expert, Founder & CEO: Raizcorp

Episode #13:
Three African Technology Entrepreneurs

Episode #12:
Ntombi Langa-Royds
Shaper, Breaker & Director: Kumba, Redefine, M&R, M-Pact

Episode #11:
Vimal Shah
East-African Industrialist, Entrepreneur, Mentor & Chairman: BIDCO Africa

Episode #10:
Philip Krawitz
Retail Visionary, Entrepreneur & Chairman: Cape Union Mart Group

Episode #9:
Richard Cock
Conductor, Musician & Entrepreneur

Episode #8:
Arthur Gillis
Serial Hotelier, Former CEO: Protea Hotels & CEO: Platinum Hospitality Group

Episode #7:
Thabs Dube
Amputee, Inspirational Entrepreneur, Sportsman & Founder: LETZ

Episode #6:
Wayne Hull
Digital Shaper, Builder & Managing Director: Accenture Digital Africa

Episode #5:
Andrea Gevers
Shaper, Researcher & CEO: Ask Africa

Episode #4:
Anthony Farr
Social Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & CEO: Allan & Gill Gray Foundation

Episode #3:
Gil Oved
Entrepreneur, Tech Investor & Shark at Shark Tank SA

Episode #2:
Themba Baloyi
Visionary, Entrepreneur & Founder: Discovery Insure

Episode #1:
Introduction Episode
Shapers, Makers, Builders
& Breakers