Shapers, Makers, Builders and Breakers

So why the name Shapers, Makers, Builders and Breakers? I was searching for a name for- and classification that would cover all the different characteristics of people and topics that I felt are relevant and necessary to discuss in my new podcast. I toyed with the idea to call the podcast “Shapers”, but it seemed very narrow in its scope, so I Googled it, and I came across an article by Sonja Sadovsky entitled “Shapers, Makers, Builders and Breakers.” It was perfect!

Her article and description were in a religious context, but it was perfect as a podcast title! It gave me a simple classification that was broad enough to describe most (if not all) the individuals that significantly “move the needle” in our world.

Portrait photo of Rachel Kolisi, guest on podcast of Riël Malan

Episode #40:

Rachel Kolisi

Kolisi Foundation Co-Founder, CEO and Member, Businesswoman, Humanitarian and wife of Springbok captain Siya Kolisi


Episode #39:
Dr Imtiaz Sooliman

Philanthropist, Humanitarian & Founder of The Global Disaster Relief Group, Gift of Givers.

Portrait photo Sailor Malan Riël podcast

Episode #38:
Sailor Malan
Forgotten South African WWII and Anti-Apartheid Hero with a message for today.

Episode #37:
William (Bill) Duggan
Professor of Strategy and Innovation: Columbia Business School in New York

Episode #36:
Joshua Ngoma
Founder and Chief Enabler Enterprising Africa Regional Network (EARN), Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Teacher

Episode #35:
Sarah Arnot Mulhern
Leadership Expert, Coach, Author & Polymath

Episode #34:
Ronen Aires
Guide, Entrepreneur,  Psychedelic Boundary Breaker

Ian Fuhr podcast with Riël Malan

Episode #33:
Ian Fuhr
CEO: Maverick entrepreneur, Founder: Sorbet, brand builder and social boundary breaker

Riël Malan podcast richard fernandes

Episode #32:
Richard (Kiki) Fernandes
CEO: Marginpar, Floriculture, Ke, Et & NL High-impact, People-centred Leader

Episode #31:
Styli Charalambous
CEO & Publisher of The Daily Maverick, Merchant of Truth, Co-leader of Troublemakers

Episode #30 – (Part 2)
Professor Kelly Chibale
Making African research capacity globally competitive

Episode #30 – (Part 1)
Professor Kelly Chibale
Escaping Poverty Through Education

Episode #29
Andy du Plessis
Social Entrepreneur, Merchant of Hope & CEO: FoodForward

Episode #28
Louise van Rhyn
Social Entrepreneur, Passionate Education Activist & Complexity Theory Expert

Episode #27
Matt Brown
Podcast Host & Author of “Your Inner Game”

Episode #26:
Kirsty Chadwick
Teacher, Passionate Digital Shaper & African EdTech Entrepreneur

Episode #25
Anthony Farr
Allan Gray’s Philanthropic Legacy – A conversation with Anthony Farr

Episode #24:
Vusi Thembekwayo
International Speaker, Entrepreneur, Opinion Shaper & Breaker

Episode #23:
Gil Oved (Re-release)
Entrepreneur, Technology Investor & Shark at Sharktank.

Episode #22
Taps Mugadza
International Recording Artist, Zimbabwean Orphan & Phylanthropist.

Episode #21:
Themba Baloyi
Entrepreneur, Visionary & Founder: Discovery Insure (re-release)

Episode #20:
Julia Raphaely
Media Transformer, Digital Shaper & CEO: Associated Media Publishing

Episode #19:
Keet van Zyl
Venture Capitalist, Digital Shaper & Co-Founder: Knife Capital

Episode #18:
Gareth Ackerman
Retail Shaper, Philosopher & Chairman: Pick ‘n Pay

Episode #17:
Musa Kalenga
Digital Shaper, Author, Speaker, CEO & Co-Founder: Bridge Labs, Chief Future Officer: The Brave Group.

Episode #16:
Nyimpini Mabunda
Multinational Executive, Entrepreneur & Founder: Saseka Digitech

Episode #15:
Dr Michael Mol
Physician, Media Personality, Master Public Speaker, Tech Entrepreneur & CEO: Hello Doctor

Episode #14:
Allon Raiz
Business Incubator, Entrepreneurship Expert, Founder & CEO: Raizcorp

Episode #13:
Three African Technology Entrepreneurs

Episode #12:
Ntombi Langa-Royds
Shaper, Breaker & Director: Kumba, Redefine, M&R, M-Pact

Episode #11:
Vimal Shah
East-African Industrialist, Entrepreneur, Mentor & Chairman: BIDCO Africa

Episode #10:
Philip Krawitz
Retail Visionary, Entrepreneur & Chairman: Cape Union Mart Group

Episode #9:
Richard Cock
Conductor, Musician & Entrepreneur

Episode #8:
Arthur Gillis
Serial Hotelier, Former CEO: Protea Hotels & CEO: Platinum Hospitality Group

Episode #7:
Thabs Dube
Amputee, Inspirational Entrepreneur, Sportsman & Founder: LETZ

Episode #6:
Wayne Hull
Digital Shaper, Builder & Managing Director: Accenture Digital Africa

Episode #5:
Andrea Gevers
Shaper, Researcher & CEO: Ask Africa

Episode #4:
Anthony Farr
Social Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & CEO: Allan & Gill Gray Foundation

Episode #3:
Gil Oved
Entrepreneur, Tech Investor & Shark at Shark Tank SA

Episode #2:
Themba Baloyi
Visionary, Entrepreneur & Founder: Discovery Insure

Episode #1:
Introduction Episode
Shapers, Makers, Builders
& Breakers