The cover of the Shapers podcast series, featuring a man with a beard names Talifhani Banks

    Episode #46:

    Talifhani Banks

    Group CEO of AnalyticsX, Township Entrepreneur, Data Scientist

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    In this episode, Shapers Podcast host Benjamin Shaw speaks to Talifhani Banks, a data and advertising guru with a remarkable entrepreneurial journey. Banks started his first business at 10, studied statistics and econometrics, and transitioned from corporate and consulting to launching analytics advertising. Now serving as the CEO of Analytics X, Banks is making waves by building technology for the township economy, specifically targeting spaza shops. Despite facing challenges, his efforts have earned him the title of BRICS Entrepreneur of the Year in 2022. The episode offers insights into Banks’ rapid success and his commitment to empowering the township economy through innovative solutions.


    1.      Follow Talifhani Banks on Linkedin

    2.      AnalyticsX Group CEO

    3.      Spaza Eats Founder

    4.      Analytics Advertising Founder

    5.      BRICS Entrepreneur of the year 2022

    6.      Studied Statistics and Econometrics at the University of Pretoria

    7.      Wrote book called “Beyond Ambition

    8.      Built relationships in business learning from his mentor Raymond Ackerman (Founder of Pick n Pay)