Episode #45:

    Solly Moeng

    Brand Reputation Strategist, Socio-Political Commentator, Columnist, Lecturer, Constructive Disruptor

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    In this episode, we engage in a conversation with Solly Moeng, a professional brand reputation strategist. Solly is deeply committed to fostering positive change in South Africa and is the founder of TUSAM – The United South African Movement. This organisation is dedicated to mobilising, inspiring, and uniting individuals and groups across civil society, politics, business, and various sectors to collaborate towards achieving sustainable and democratic change in South Africa. Throughout our discussion, we delve into these endeavours in detail, aiming to provide a candid and hopeful exploration that we trust you will find both enlightening and inspiring.


    1. Follow Solly on Linkedin
    2. DonValley Brand, Marketing & Communications Managing Director
    3. TUSAM The United South African Movement founder
    4. WCFA World Communications Forum vice president
    5. PRISA Public Relations Institute of South Africa ex President
    6. Africa Brand Summit
    7. EU Business School Lecturer
    8. 24.com Columnist