Episode #50:


    SA Venture Capital Leader & Entrepreneur.

    In this episode, we are delighted to host Tishanya Naidoo, Principal of Venture Capital at 27four Investment Managers as our guest, where we chat about her expertise in venture capital, diverse sectoral experiences and the general outlook on Africa’s potential.

    With advanced degrees in finance, economics and in financial technology, Tishanya has already cultivated a remarkable career. Her professional path includes roles at Laurium Capital and the Public Investment Corporation before having joined 27four to lead the VC team. As a member of Impact Investing South Africa, Tishanya unpacks what it takes to build an investment ecosystem that integrates financial, social and environmental returns across the continent.

    Join us in this conversation with Tishanya – a leader whose journey exemplifies resilience and tenacity, and whose work contributes to shaping the future of investment in Africa.



    Professional Career

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    Principal: Venture Capital for 27Four


    University of the Witwatersrand

    University of Oxford


    Hedge fund trading




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